• What is URL shortener, and how does it work?

    With URL shortener, you can create a short fancy link from any gigantic link. For example, see bit.ly, small.cat, and so on.

  • What does "secured" link mean?

    It means that the short link you get in return is protected with password. The only pioneer between URL shorteners which does it tsss.me.

    Because of encryption technique, one can access the short link if and only if one knows the password.

  • What's the price to create a short password-protected link? To follow by the link?

    Everything is free forever!

  • What are the use cases of this service?

    Possibilities are endless! Look at the most popular ways to use the service:

    1. You are organizing a lottery online. To build trust with participants, you prepare a list of winning numbers before the lottery, protect the link to the list with a password using our service, and share the link with everyone. When the lottery is over, you just disclose the password, and people can verify that winning numbers were not "faked". Because your shared the list before the lottery starts, and there is no way to replace the encrypted information behind the link.
    2. You want to share some sensitive information (e.g. winner of tomorrow's football match) through public channel - facebook post, radio advertisement, graffiti on the wall, etc. For that, you set a password as some information which is known only to you and recipient. For example, exact date when you first met. Therefore, you can share the secured link to all the world - thanks to the password, only the desired recipient will have access.
    3. Together with 2 other friends, you have collected a fortune in Bitcoins and want to protect a link to your online wallet with 3 passwords — one password for each of you. To make it happen, you use the service 3 times in row, each time with the link you receive on the previous step. At the end, you will have a grand link protected by 3 passwords. Only 3 people together can access it.

    Please, share your own use cases on our Reviews page.

  • How can I be absolutely sure that the link is secured?

    You may wonder why our site does not have access to your passwords? The reason is that your password is split by two parts (that's why we have a limit of 8 characters minimum). The first part is sent to our servers for additional protection of your data. But the second part is never sent to our servers, we use it solely for browser-side encryption.

    If you have some web-programming skills, you can easily verify that your password and link are truly secured by checking JS code.